Mariebo Aviation was founded in 2001 to provide an innovative and client oriented sales organisation for the executive aircraft market.
Our experience of executive aviation goes back to the mid 1980´s, and and enables us to give you as our client, all the hard earned knowledge requierd for purchasing, selling and operating in a market restricted by regulations and with heavier restriction coming around the corner.
Our team have worked in almost all corners of the world either in delivering an aircraft to a local client or purchasing an aircraft for a client in another country, giving us a truly international perspective in our operation.
Give us a call and let us earn your trust.
I, as the founder and CEO of our company, would be proud to welcome you into our family of long time clients and good friends !
Send me a short email on how we may assist you and I will revert back to you asap!



CEO and founder of Mariebo Aviation AB. An experienced and highly motivated Entrepreneur, working on a strategic - tactical - operational level, with a passion for business development and excellence in customer service.

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